The Street Sellers

The sales staff of Foodxury are those who need help. People that seek to be seen, heard and given a second chance to succeed. Please meet them and help them. 

Some of them were a little shy to share their faces and would prefer to just share their location. 


Meet some of them:

Fundación Leandro Olmos

Fundacion leandro olmos is a foundation that helps children from 0 to 7 years old in situation of social vulnerability.

They make sure that each kid receives the main meals every day, a temporary home and psychological support until a new family is ready to take care of them


Hello there,

I'm Mica, an Argentinian art director based in NYC. When moving to the States I thought I was not going to see much of poverty or hungry homeless people, I was wrong.

Not long ago, I randomly ended up on a Saturday afternoon learning how to craft miniatures in polymer-clay. Anxious to use this just gained knowledge I came up with Foodxury.

The core of Foodxury is an alarming fact: in a city that has an index of 40% food waste*, 60.144 homeless people** struggle to eat every day, 

In order not fool you or my self, let me be honest. Unfortunately Foodxury is not an epic project with a huge media budget that will appear in the New York Times and change the world. But still, I hope it serves to help at least a few.

If after seeing the project,

  • Someone trades a real meal for a Foodxury piece, the goal was accomplished. 
  • Someone helps a person by buying a piece of jewelry and gets to know a bit more of them, the goal was accomplished.
  • Someone instead of throwing away food, separates it in a different bag and hands it to a homeless person, the goal was accomplished. 
  • Someone one is on it's way to work and keeps thinking on: what the &#^%  are we doing to the world and our selves? the goal was accomplished.
  • Someone opens the fridge and decides to have an omelet with everything that's about to expire, the goal was accomplished.